Practical Tip #8-Apples & Oranges

This is very important, yet easier said than done.


Do not compare yourself to other Mom’s or Dad’s.  Your lifestyle changed when you were gifted with a special needs child.  This is a good thing!  Your life has become better.  You have been catapulted into seeing the deeper meaning of life.  Embrace it.  When you start comparing yourself to other parents–STOP!  I know often it seems non-special need parents have it easier.  When this thought creeps in, replace it with a positive thought.  Ask yourself how life is better parenting a special need child.  This is one thought I can share.  My life is better with Tristan because I have more compassion and empathy for others.  I can really relate to other special needs families.  Now I will ask you to share.  How is your life better because of a special needs child in your family?


3 thoughts on “Practical Tip #8-Apples & Oranges

  1. I now understand how hard it is for families with special needs children to go to church and do outside activities.
    The parents are the best sources for explaining, in advance, why they need to eat immediately after a two hour car ride, before the child goes into a meltdown because of frustration. It is not a lack of self control or discipline; it is life on life’s terms. This is the best the child can do at this point in time.
    I understand how important some things are, as in the article on securing the window, and other things are merely nice, not absolute necessities.


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