Practical Tip #9- Technology

Having technology available is truly helpful for me. 0091-wireless-technology-icons

Between the phone and the internet I am able to complete many house hold tasks right in my home!  I can use internet banking to balance my account.  I can pay bills on-line or by using the phone. I can order many items on-line. Just the other day we ordered our teenager a basketball hoop. It only took a few minutes.  I Google questions about everything.  A few weeks ago I had a question about postage.   Google saved me time by not having to wait in line at the post office.  Since I can not take Tristan to the store with me, that means I have to really plan my shopping trips. I can fit an “errand” in any time of my day.   I can look at the local libraries card catalog and reserve books or renew them from my home.  I can have “conversations” via text messages.  If I am on the phone talking then Tristan sees this as opportunity to get into something.  It is amazing how much the technology helps me with daily living.  Next week I will address how technology has enriched Tristan’s life.  These are just a few examples.  How has technology helped you in completing household tasks?


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