Practical Tip #10- Technology, Communication, & Behaviors

If there is one topic I really like to talk about is communication.deviceproloquoWhen someone can not communicate his or her wants or needs behaviors will be an issue.  Therefore it is very important that children and adults be given tools to help him or her to communicate.  My number one preference is an augmentative communication device.  There are many different ones available.  I can not comment on most of them.  We currently use an iPod device with the Proloquo2Go app.

We did not always use this for Tristan’s communication.

At first we taught our son American Sign Language.  Our family learned ASL by watching Signing Time DVD’s.  We started this when Tristan was very young.  He was only 1 year old.  This worked great.  His mind was like a little sponge.  He would soak in words and use them often.  ASL was the hook for him to talk.  As communication increased then behaviors decreased.

ASL worked great until his vocabulary was well over 300 words.  I could no longer teach respite workers all 300 ASL signs!  Therefore, it became necessary to use something else.

I work as a Special Needs Assistant at a local elementary school.  The school sent me to a training on the app Proloquo2go.  I was able to see first hand how to use this program.  I was amazed at what the app could do.   I was fairly confident that I could implement this at home.

I did.  It has worked out great.  Again, as communication increases then behaviors decrease.  Tristan lights up when we really understand what he is thinking or trying to say.  There are even times I have forgotten ASL signs so he can show me the button on his device.

Have you found technology helpful in the area of communication with your child as it relates to autism?


3 thoughts on “Practical Tip #10- Technology, Communication, & Behaviors

  1. As a speech pathologist, working with children and adults with Autism, I can’t say enough about the progress my students have made using augmentative devices to communicate. Especially IPADs.
    I like the Apps Touch Chat, Talk Tablet, and Pro-loquo to go. They have replaced PECS systems, signs, and more simple voice output communication devices for most of our students. It is remarkable the capabilities these children have when you give them the right tools. Also- getting consistency with using the device in the student’s home environment.

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  2. Yes! As a Grandmother, who does not know ASL or the little ways of the special needs child, this was a relief, knowing that in a moment of needing to go to the bathroom or wanting a drink of water, the child could press a button and I would instantly know what to do.
    Great Invention!!!


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