Practical Tip #15–Let it go…It Is Time To Move On

Summer is in full swing at our home. letitgo

Therefore our routines have changed.  I am kind of surprised at how it is going.  Not good!  Tristan has been extra challenging.  I decided I had to let some things go.  Some behaviors are just not going to change.  I have been dealing with this particular issue for ten years.  The issue being food.  Tristan is obsessed with food.  Last week I decided it was time for a change.  Tristan is a full grown 12 year old.  I can no longer keep food out of his reach.  So we broke down and put locks on the kitchen cabinets. The other issue is Tristan getting into everyone’s belongings.  He likes to rearrange everyone’s stuff.  This poses challenges.  Therefore many closets now have key locks.  This poses a new challenge.  I now have separate keys for each cabinet, and closet in our home!  That is a lot of keys!


What expectations have you had to let go in parenting a special needs child?


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