Practical Tip #24 Planning For Your Dependent with Special Needs

My husband and I carved out some time to attend a workshop on “Planning For Your Dependent with Special Needs.” This was presented by Gordon Homes, Certified Financial Planner.  It was great information.

It is difficult to plan anything in life that is beyond immediate short term.  As a parent of a special needs child, I realize we have to do long term care planning..  We owe it to ourselves to have peace of mind.  We owe it to our child to leave him a plan with quality of life in mind.  This workshop was promoted through our local special education school.  I feel blessed that the schools have blessed us in so many ways.  They care about these students.  They care about the families.  They continually reach out to the parents and offer some positive practical help.  They provided a light meal for anyone attending.  I know this sounds like amazing avenue of support!  It really is great.

I was happy to realize we have done some things right.   Also,  I realize we still have more to work on.  The speaker lives with a child with multiple disabilities.  He really understands just making it through each day is challenging.   He acknowledged his life was more meaningful because of his son.  Gordon acknowledged God in his life.  Anyone who spends time with Gordon Homes will be blessed!

If you are looking for someone who is really knowledgeable in this topic, give him a call.  He travels all over the country. Gordon Homes presentations are FREE.  Topics include:  Waiver Updates,  ABLE Act,  Special Needs Trust, and Guardianship.  Gordon also offers free consultations.

I am passing this information on to anyone who may find this useful.

Gordon Homes:  317-567-2005


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