Practical Tip #26 -Vacation in Surfside, South Carolina!

I was excited to read on about a vacation spot for special need families.  For a long time I have thought if businesses would be open-minded to serving special need families life would be better for both.  Many families stay home because it can be easier than going out.  Becky Large, mother of an Autistic child came up with the idea of a family vacation spot where everyone would, “Understand,” your loved one with autism and other special needs.

I just love Becky using her life to help others in this journey of autism.  Yes a judgement free zone is what families need.  We all know when we enter the public square our families are being watched.  It is just how life is.  Many times I do not encounter negative judgements.  I am truly thankful for this.  Often when we are out we do not encounter other special need families.  I think the community side of a vacation is a really great idea.

Click Here for Jamie Pacton’s original article:


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