Practical Tip #30-A New World of Possibilities

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I choose to work outside the home for a few reasons.  On the outside it appears raising a special needs son’s has enough challenges for each day.  That is true.  However, let me share some thoughts.

As the days turned to years, I got to a point that my world became smaller and smaller.  I no longer attended “play dates” with friends.  I no longer went to a mom’s group. I no longer home-schooled my older son.   I attended few family events.  Even for a short time, I no longer attended  church.  In-home therapy was over.  Outside therapy wasn’t working either.

As I enrolled both my children in public school I realized I needed to get out of the house!  I needed my world to expand.  I needed a change.  I needed something that was only a few hours.   Upon inventory of my situation and skills, I sought employment from the public school.  I applied to work as a Special Education Assistant.  I knew my limitations of what I could handle.  I was able to be open and honest in my interview.

This decision turned out to be a huge blessing.  The skills that I had acquired at home, helped me at work.  Also the skills I had learned at work, helped me at home with my son.  I learned how to use communication devices. In addition, the sign language skills I learned at home, were used in my job at school.  It felt like a win-win.

I am able to bring a unique perspective to work because I live in a home that has a family member with autism. I see life in a new way.  I would not be the mom or educator I am without the gift of Tristan.

This is why I have chosen to work outside the home. If you find yourself in a similar situation, consider this as a possibility.  There may be a time you could use your unique set of skills  and life experiences to help others.



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