Practical Tip #32- A Golden Resource

I am always grateful for the people God puts in our lives to help with Tristan.  Sometimes these people have had business or service ideas that are big, and we benefit from them.  One place I want to talk about is Harsha Behavioral Center in Terre Haute, Indiana.

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In June we were trying to find a place that would help Tristan with significant behavior issues.  The resources gathered from the doctor, and the internet was not a match.   Mainly due to Tristan’s non-verbal communication and autism diagnosis. Except for one place- Harsha Behavior Center.  We kept getting recommendations to use their facility.  One problem, they only service one non-verbal child at a time to ensure adequate staff.  Harsha Behavioral Center realizes these individuals need at least one on one support.  Sometimes, each child needs two on one or three on one.

Harsha seems to be the only place that accepts children like my special need son.  The need is great for this population.  Therefore Harsha has recognized the need and is building a larger facility specifically to accommodate more of the autism community!  They will be able to take about 12 patients at a time.

This expansion at Harsha Behavioral Center truly warms my heart.

We told our son’s doctors we highly recommend this facility.  In addition to having the appropriate staff; they also had sensory rooms, a gym, and a craft room.  To me as a parent, it speaks volumes that they really understand what autism is and how to intervene.

Especially if you are an Indiana resident, please keep this resource in mind.  This place doesn’t need advertising, but I still wanted to share about this golden resource in Indiana.


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