Why Now?

Last week, we went to the ER for the third time in 3 months. They were encouraging our spirits as we were taking care of our little guy-Tristan.  They were watching us handle Tristan as he was miserable from medication that was intended to help him.   These are some thoughts I had.


Image result for question mark


“I always said we would keep Tristan at home with us for as long as possibleHas possible has now come at age 13?  I envisioned at least age 18, but I thought it could be age 25 or 30.  Why now?  I ask myself.”

As I write this minute, I do not know what the future holds for my family.  I have learned a lot of hard truths these past 72 hours about the autism disability. I also learned the hard truth of what happens when families face a crisis.  I will continue to share. It is a side that I think most people have never considered.






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