Fear Meets Faith Part 2

On Friday, Brian and I toured the residential facility.  When we got back in the car, I knew sometime that day we needed to make a decision.  We had 20 minutes to give an answer. 

Why the rush?  There are limited residential facilities in Indiana.  The bed would only be on hold for our son for so many hours.  There is a waiting list.  Somehow God orchestrated it for us to get access to this place.


We shared with each other what we liked and what we didn’t like.  I realized there is NO perfect place.  A few thoughts came to my mind.  I said to Brian, “Did you notice that not one of these teenagers looked sad or depressed? Mom and Dad were not around to care for these precious teenagers, and the teenagers carried on with their day with their activities?”   Most of the students were in groups of 3.  One group was heading to the pool.  Other’s were in the gym playing ball.

I also saw some of the “tools” that we simply do not have.  There is a full staff trained to handle behaviors that we find difficult.  There is a crisis team watching monitors 24/7 ready to assist the staff.  Now the average special needs family does not have this!  I wish.  There is 24/7 nursing staff that can monitor medications.  We are not in the medical field.  When behaviors have emerged, we have wondered if this is normal.

I also saw a schedule listing community trips.  McDonald’s was on there!  Tristan will love this.

The day ended with the conclusion to place Tristan in residential care.

I am choosing to see the good in spite of our heartache.  I know there is no other way.  I wish I could reason with Tristan on some of his challenges, but that is not possible.



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