100 Days of Grace

There are 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Our journey with autism took a stark turn of events during these past 100 days. With each day passing we all relied on God’s grace.  Let me share what that looked like in our family.

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I remember towards the beginning of the 100-day grace journey saying to Brian, “Wow today was difficult.  I imagine tomorrow will be easier.” Tomorrow came with no relief.  It seemed the days were getting more difficult.  The daily pressure of just living felt like survival.

It meant totally one hundred percent relying on God’s strength. I was seeing God’s grace shine through in new ways.

For example, upon entering the ER for the first time with our special needs son I spotted a Christian friend that I had not seen in over a year.  I was able to get a moment of God’s grace through that friend.  She gave me a hug and we both shared why we were at the ER.

A few weeks later, some friends got together and bought something expensive our son had broken.  We were very grateful.  I didn’t know anyone knew about this incident until a package was left in my husband’s office.

A friend came over and we went on a walk.

We received encouraging cards in the mailbox.

We had two separate women reach out to us.  They each shared their journey of letting other’s take over the day to day care of their child.  They both shared different reasons but very similar stories to what we were facing.  Again God’s grace showed up in our lives.

One day I was exhausted I turned off my phone after I went to pick up one son from football practice.  My son said to return in 2 hours practice had been extended.  When I woke up I read a message that said “Practice ended early.”sigh…My son sat there for an hour waiting.  Grace was extended when he was not upset at all.

God’s grace showed up when we traveled many trips to see ur special need son.  A few people gave us extra gas money.  A few meals were donated to our family.  In addition, so many people were continually praying for our family.  These prayers really kept us going through each day.

Near the end of the 100 days, the transition was made from Tristan living at home to moving into a residential facility.  Soon after the transition, we enjoyed a home visit with him.  Tristan left with Dad to make the 3-hour drive back to his school.  He didn’t shed a tear.  He walked to the car seemingly understanding this was the new “normal.”

Yes, this 100-day journey was filled with God’s grace.





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