Practical Tip #34 – Shaving Cream to the Rescue!

My son is a sensory seeker meaning he is always trying to get a lot of sensory input.

Image result for free image shaving cream

Shaving cream works great for a sensory activity!

I used to cover our kitchen table with an oversized plastic table cloth.  Then Tristan would empty the entire bottle of shaving cream onto the table cloth.  He would just play with it with his hands and…lather his arms!  I would add a drop or two of food coloring.

It was a bit messy but I was okay with it.

Now I just take Tristan to the shower with a new bottle of shaving cream!  It doubles as water play and shaving cream time.  He loves it!!!

Tristan has this obsession with emptying things.  So…when he watches an entire can of shaving cream empty it makes him happy!  Then he can lather up with all the shaving cream and rinse off.

Have you tried this?




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