Practical Tip #40- Participate In An Autism Awareness Walk!

We participated in a local autism awareness walk. This was the first time for our family to do this! I wish we hadn’t waited so long because it was a positive family day.

This seemed to be an excellent time to try something new. Lately, we have been able to participate in different outings successfully. This autism awareness walk was a  fundraiser for children with autism to attend local summer camps. While Tristan has never participated in these camps, I have always heard positive feedback in the community.

I liked that we were among many special need families on a family day. Typically that does not happen. There is something about being part of a community that we all need. When it is with others in similar situations, it is more beautiful.

I also loved the fact that Tristan was able to see some of his former classmates and teachers. Tristan does remember people, and I think he liked seeing people from his past.
We participated in a short walk and ate lunch together. While eating lunch, we realized the daughter of the family at our table was a former classmate in Tristan’s class 10 years prior. The girl was all grown up! It was a sweet moment.
I encourage families to find an autism awareness walk—you might find it’s a perfect family outing.


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