Practical Tip #41 – Cooking Fun! Visual Recipe for Making Pizza

With all this rain lately, we find our family doing more indoor activities.

I remembered how Tristan loves to help me in the kitchen. So for an activity/meal, I had him make pizzas for dinner.  He was smiling the entire time!  He thoroughly enjoyed this activity.    He did a great job spreading the sauce and sprinkling the cheese.   He needed minimal directions and assistance.

sliced pepperoni pizza on white ceramic plate
Photo by Sydney Troxell on

During mealtime, we praised him for making dinner.   He looked pretty proud of himself!

This activity is recommended because the only prep was going to the store and purchasing a few ingredients.  Someone could easily turn this into a shopping trip and a cooking lesson for a lengthier activity.

I found a great visual recipe on making pizza to share.   This came from Teacher Pay Teacher by  Robin Putnam.

LittleRedHenmakesaPizzaCookingcards (1)

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