Practical Tip #42- Pumpkin Fun! An Alternative to Carving Pumpkins

I came across an activity on-line.   The YouTube video is called “Rainbow Crayon Pumpkin!”   I thought to myself, “Tristan would love this.”


This is how we completed the activity.

We bought white pumpkins.  The video suggested buying orange ones and then spray painting them white.  I opted to just purchase the white ones and skipped a step.

Then we took crayons and unpeeled them.  Tristan loved this part!  He is always peeling stickers and labels off of items.  This was an activity that we were encouraging this type of “play.”

Then we instructed Tristan to break the crayons into two pieces.  He loved this part too!  When we were done peeling and breaking the crayons he was content to keep working on them all. (Maybe we should fill his teacher in on this activity? In case he starts peeling and breaking all the crayons at school…)

We taped the crayons on the pumpkins with clear tape.  With a hairdryer, we melted the crayons.   Tristan was able to help hold the dryer.  He became very excited about watching the process. This was a good cause and effect activity for him to enjoy.



We did find out we needed to use a big deep tub because the melted crayons do spray and splash.


All in all, this was a great family activity!

The video is on YouTube with Joey Graceffa demonstrating this activity.  It is called, “Rainbow Crayon Pumpkin!”  Check it out!


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