Practical Tip #43 Kitchen Fun

I bought some colorful cookie dough through a fundraiser.  It almost looked like playdough.  I thought Tristan might find this interesting.  When the order came in I went off to the store to purchase some new cookie cutters.

When I pulled out this activity during our home visit he was content with just sorting the cookie cutters all 101 of them!  I love this forever toddler stage.




Brian and I rolled out the cookie dough and had Tristan place the cookie cutters.  He LOVED this activity!  Tristan was jumping up and down with excitement.  The reason he was so excited is that shapes are one of his favorite things.  (AND…cookie and eating are also his favorite things)



The only problem was it was difficult to tell when the cookies were done because of all the food coloring.   He would have been content with just regular white cookie dough.  Tristan had fun in the kitchen!  It’s always a great family activity.




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