Practical Tip #44 Surviving Winter Months

When my boys were very young, someone gave our family an inside swing.   Both my boys loved it.  It was great for rainy and snowy days when the kids couldn’t go outside to play.  We used this item for years.

My main motivation was to help Tristan sleep through the night.  He needed a high amount of sensory input during the day or else he couldn’t sleep at night.  (That meant my husband or I would be up with him.)  Therefore I was very dedicated to using all types of sensory products.

This indoor swing assembles in a doorway.  Then there are hooks to remove the swing.  My set came with a monkey bar, red cloth swing, and a net swing.  The product is called Rainy Day Indoor Swing.  I highly recommend this as an option for anyone with children. (autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder)

My boys eventually outgrew this item… This is one thing that helped us survive the winter months where we live in the Midwest.

Here’s an image to see what one looks like.







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