When You Pray…

What a week it has been for all.  As we lengthen our prayers list, could I ask for one?  I received a heart-wrenching email from Tristan’s school.  He lives 3 hours away.  If feels like I sent my giant toddler off to college.  The email sent said home visitation would be postponed for two weeks then re-evaluated due to Covid-19.  School is canceled.  Community outings are canceled.


lighted cross decor
Photo by Aslak Sønderland on Pexels.com


We typically have Tristan home every other weekend.  This is due to him having high needs that we can not meet at home and in our community.

I anticipate it will be a while before home visitations are allowed.

Individuals with autism thrive on routine–predictable routine.  I have seen other community organizations serving the special needs community have similar situations.  Life has been interrupted.   Day programs have ceased.  This is a lot of change to take in!

Please pray for the kiddos and workers during this time.  The kids will probably be bored and frustrated.  Many with autism can’t communicate or have great difficulty.  This can result in behaviors that are difficult to manage.

Tristan has struggled in school for the past 4-6 weeks.  He might like a break in the routine for a few weeks.  After that, he will get into everything at his group home like a toddler keeping himself occupied.   He will not understand why suddenly home visits have stopped.  We are in agreement with this decision to keep everyone healthy–this is what we must do.

With God’s grace we will all get through this.




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