Practical Tip #49 — 60 Minutes at a Children’s Museum

For as long as I can remember, Tristan has always been curious and likes to touch everything. One of our favorite places to take Tristan is a Hand’s On Museum called Curious Kids’ Museum in St. Joseph, Michigan.

When I discovered this little gem of a place, I was thrilled to take my children there. The first time I went, I said, “Tristan, you can touch everything!” I think he was pleased to hear this. After constantly telling him “No,” it was a relief to me as well.

We have a delightful family time every time we go.

My autism mom’s tip is to realize that sensory stimulation is a lot for any child. We plan to stay for 60 minutes max. Enough time to have fun and exit before we are all worn out. This strategy has worked out well for many years.


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