Practical Tip #51 Friendships

I was able to carve out some time over the weekend and meet up with a friend. Not just any friend. A kindred spirit kind of friend. A person who I met later in life and I was meant to meet. It just took a while for our paths to cross! This kindred spirit is one of those rare treasures we both agree that we will always be friends. In fact, it had been months since we had time to chat. We met for a walk. It was refreshing.

Later that day, I reflected on the importance of friendships.

It is fantastic to have friends that are living the autism journey. On the flip side, it is nice to have friends that are living a different journey. I can have a regular conversation regarding other areas of my life. Both friendships are essential.

Friendships making them, keeping them, and letting some go have been areas I have struggled with.

I encourage you to keep cultivating the gift of friendship in your life. It is self-care that will help you along this beautiful journey of life.


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