Practical Tip #52 – Go on a Hayride

As I look back on the years with the blessing of Tristan, I am amazed that the amount of our particpation in family activities has increased! Honestly, for a long time, the list was short. Church, McDonald’s, parks, and two hours at a family gathering. That was all we could muster the energy to do outside our home. Our home was our sanctuary to manage Tristan.

In October 2019, we took a hayride on a warm sunny day that fall. Little did I know how much everyone’s life would change with the pandemic shortly before us. We loved that afternoon. Periodically, I have checked back on the county parks website over the past couple of years to repeat this event. I noticed an advertisement for an Adaptive Hayride. I clicked on the link and saw our picture!
I quickly checked our schedule and registered our family to attend. I am speechless when I see community events for families like ours. It is heartwarming to see someone trying to embrace families in community events.
On Saturday, we took Tristan to the Adaptive Hayride. The program included picnic tables, each with a sensory activity. Including picture cards displaying the activity. Finally, someone had experience with our kiddos and took it to the next level! Tristan was very engaged.
Enjoy some pictures!

Bendix Woods County Park 2022


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