Practical Tip #53 – Offer Choices

It was pointed out to me by a case worker to offer Tristan choices throughout his day. Raising a forever toddler/preschool level made me pause and realize how many decisions we make for him.


Tristan was about 12 when this case worker asked if we offered him choices about everything. Honestly, up until that point, we provided options for food. We wanted to give him control mainly because it was such a struggle for him. We started laying out multiple shirts and asking him to pick which one. We can never figure out why he prefers one shirt over the other! Then we began offering Tristan options for community activities. We have discovered which activities he likes more than others. Bowling occasionally; movies and church are his favorites!
Now, if we don’t offer two choices for a snack, he will create a scenario where he gets to pick out two options! Tristan will pull two items from the cabinet and hold them side by side. He waits for one of us to ask, “Pick one?” Then Tristan will put one on the counter and the other back into the cabinet.
Offering him choices gives him a voice to express his wants throughout his day!


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