Book Review – #1 Recommendation

For some, autism is a new topic. When Tristan was in therapy, and the diagnosis was not concluded, I read every book I could find at the library on this topic. There were many books. I am still determining how I found the time to read, except being at home full-time required me to keep my brain fresh by soaking in reading whenever possible. I would have reading material nearby if he was in the bathtub or sandbox.

I studied Tristan and the books to determine if he has autism. Some books I agreed with and others not so much. The opinions on the topic are pretty controversial and exciting to read about.

I think living with a person with autism gives a unique perspective. There is something about living with Tristan that I get to see a total 24 hours of how he thinks or how I think he thinks. It is quite an opportunity.

My favorite book is Maverick Mind by Cheri L. Florance, Ph.D. In her professional life, she worked with Head Start, stroke patients, and schizophrenia patients tasked with solving communication disorders. In her personal life, she was raising a son with autism. Yet, she persisted in her scientific knowledge and passion as a mother to discover who he was.

I resonated with her description of being sleep deprived and using a local hotel stay with a “child-proof suite.” However, her son was able to escape the room. We have encountered hotel stays and struggled with keeping Tristan safe by staying in the room.

Cheri Florance questioned her parenting of her other child when going to the library was too much. Hand raised. Been there…little did I know another mom had the same struggle!

She confessed to sitters coming only a few hours and leaving, saying they would not be back. Yes! The struggle is real. Lived that too. Tristan would seem to “test” any new caregiver. Some passed his “initiation process,” while others politely said, “Do not call me back!”sigh. I don’t blame them. He had challenging years.

It was therapeutic to read her story from start to finish. A mom who was a little further down the autism parenting journey with credentials in her field. I am willing to part with my book and mail it FREE to anyone in the USA. Drop me a comment. First come, first serve.

Blessing to you.


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