Practical Tip #12- Friendships

unnamed  I think many people struggle in this area of life.  When a family adds a special needs family member, the whole family has a new dynamic.   This dynamic changes for every member of the family. Every ones friendships changes.  It is not right or wrong, it is just how life is.   Let me explain.  I have limited time to invest in anything. This includes how much time I can spend with friends.

Unfortunately friendships are one of the areas that can slip through the crack of my life.  I could no longer go to friends houses for a “play-dates”.  Whereas my first son, I was able to go a lot of places.  With Tristan it was too much work.  I had to adjust in my area of life with friendships.  I began hosting visits at my house to ensure safety was not an issue.   This would also keep sensory issues down so I could actually visit.  I would intentionally plan times in my weekly schedule to phone a friend.  I would send simple short notecards to friends.

In later post I will address how friendships change for my husband, teenage son, and Tristan.

How do you cultivate and maintain friendships?