Practical Tip#36 – Routines Matter!


Ever wonder if all the work you do on creating routines ever matters? I know I do.
Parenting books, articles, and videos all say kids like and need routines. When you add autism to the mix of parenting, the everyday routine’s are essential.

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Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Self-Care Is Not Selfish

I recently attended a Ladies Conference in Cedar Lake, Indiana.  It was great!  The theme was “Slumber Party.”  It was a Christian conference all centered around play, rest, and fun!  The speaker was Cindy Bultema.  She said, “Self-care is not selfish.”  All the women cheered!  That message got me really thinking. Continue reading

Bed Wetting Issues?–DIY Mattress Cover

Bed wetting can be a challenge. Some of our children will simply not outgrow this.   We have tried many things to keep  the mattress dry throughout the night.  I bought several different diapers and they all leak to some degree. I have also tried many different mattress covers, all of which our son has ripped apart.

Last year, we bought a new mattress.  The plastic covering that came on it was perfect!  Finally, something durable that Tristan was not ripping off.  Unfortunately the plastic cover only lasted so long.  The other day I had an idea.  I purchased a thick shower curtain, draped it over the mattress, and duct taped it on the under side.  Viola!  It has been highly effective.

Do you have products you recommend on this subject?  Do you have any tips to share


This Amazing Trick Is So Simple!

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I use timers very often throughout my day.  I use them the most when I am transitioning my son to another activity.  It really does help!  Believe it or not, I also use timers for myself!  If there is a task that I dread doing, I may never feel like doing it.  When I have a few minutes it is difficult to just will myself into motivation.  So I came up with the plan to set a timer for 10 minutes.  I can handle doing the most mundane boring task for 10 short minutes.  If I am not finished, then I can choose to set the timer for additional minutes or leave it undone for another time.  It is so simple!

What do you use to help your day run smooth?