Practical Tip #25- Decorating for Christmas



This Great tip came to me from the Sol and Rachel Do a Blog! 

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Decorating a Christmas Tree was a long-term goal in our house for many years.  Tristan’s sensory issues posed real challenges for our family.  We became super creative!  I wish I would have thought about making a felt tree.  What a great idea!

Some ideas that we have tried:

1.Decorating and hanging a paper tree on the wall.

2.Putting a tree up with no lights. (Tristan would eat them.  I think he liked the sound of them crunching.)

3. Putting up a tree with “safe” paper ornaments.

4. Putting up ornaments and resigning ourselves to the fact Tristan will move them around the tree.


What ideas/ and or challenges have you overcome in terms of decorating for Christmas?  Please share!



Practical Tip #22 Chores & Special Need Children

A month after Tristan was placed in our family, we had early intervention therapists come to our home.  Susan was Tristan’s developmental therapist.  She came to our home weekly for two years.  Susan and I spent a lot of time together. I clearly remember one of our chats. She would gently encourage me by saying, “ALL children need to do chores.  A child needs to feel like part of the family.  Special needs children must do chores.”


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This Amazing Trick Is So Simple!

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I use timers very often throughout my day.  I use them the most when I am transitioning my son to another activity.  It really does help!  Believe it or not, I also use timers for myself!  If there is a task that I dread doing, I may never feel like doing it.  When I have a few minutes it is difficult to just will myself into motivation.  So I came up with the plan to set a timer for 10 minutes.  I can handle doing the most mundane boring task for 10 short minutes.  If I am not finished, then I can choose to set the timer for additional minutes or leave it undone for another time.  It is so simple!

What do you use to help your day run smooth?