Prayer Answered – Tristan has moved!

Just amount the time I was going to sit down and share how well Tristan’s move was going…a situation occurred. It looked like perhaps this move was not going to last. Brian and I were a bit surprised and confused (to say the least).

When parents of special needs children need to hand over the daily care of their son or daughter the deepest fear we face is that someone will not want him or her. All these special children have behaviors and quirks that make them unique in extra ways. They are such a blessing, but sometimes we wonder if everyone else can see what we see. Can others look past the behaviors and accept Tristan for who is is? These are deep thoughts, fears, and concerns parents face.

Sometimes parents can wait longer to transfer the care over. Sometimes (like in our situation) that was not possible. It was not a choice we had. However, each family will have to face this decision because none of us are mortal and most of our children will outlive us.

Luckily during this fear of rejection, I had a friend to reach out to. Someone who has been down this road. It is so important in our pain and struggles that we are open and honest with others because of the blessing of encouragement that we can offer one another. The blessing of encouragement that I received was bountiful!


Prayer in Progress…

We have been praying that God would move Tristan to a group home closer to our house. This prayer has been in progress for five years. Tristan became eligible for this move 11 months ago. We have been waiting for a phone call from the State to say a bed is open. In seven days, we received two phone calls for possible placements! We were thrilled to have choices. After some discussions, we decided to move forward with one of the options. Tristan did a trial overnight at a group home 47 minutes away from home!

It was difficult dropping our forever toddler off at a new place. I did not anticipate the transition to be stressful for both the parents and the child. God put the right people in the home. As we entered the group home, Brian and I could sense the caregiver’s love as they serve the special needs population.

Tristan will need to complete another overnight, and then the team will decide if this particular group home is a good fit.

This prayer is still in progress.

God’s Grace Abounds — 3 Years Later

I was very surprised one of my post generated so many views.  It was titled “100 Days of Grace.”  It was a very emotional post about our family crisis with autism.

I could just resume the same post.  I can’t believe it has been three years since transitioning our non-verbal 13-year-old son to a residential school three hours away.  That means he is now 16!



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