Practical Tip #2 Make This House A Home


Okay…let’s be honest.   Sometimes the little things for special need families can be a BIG challenge. After Tristan came to our home we realized how destructive he could be!  Over the next few years we kept making our home, “Tristan proof.”  That included, “un-decorating.”   I remember vividly one Christmas Brian asking me what I wanted for the holiday.  I explained how when I look back at some of our family photos I see our house looked like a home.  We went on a mission to decorate functionally.  To do so we had to be creative.  First, we drilled holes through and screwed our pictures and wall art to walls like they do in hotels.  That worked!  Next, instead of full curtains in some of the rooms we put up sturdy hardware and just valences. Followed by fresh coats of paint.  Finally, Brian painted a mural on the wall.  This may sound simple but it really made a difference. How has your family tackled the challenge of destructive children?