Practical Tip #52 — Visit a Local Farm

I can not say enough good things about our experience at Thistleberry Farm! It can be safe to visit the same places annually. However, as Tristan has gotten older, we have ventured out to try more places. I am glad we did because there were so many “Tristan-friendly activities!” He had a full day. We are blessed to watch him enjoy different experiences. Thistleberry Farm is located in South Bend, Indiana. This gem of a place was very close to our home. Somehow we have missed this opportunity for years!!! I encourage you to look for places close to home. Enjoy a few pictures from our family outing.


Practical Tip #32- A Golden Resource

I am always grateful for the people God puts in our lives to help with Tristan.  Sometimes these people have had business or service ideas that are big, and we benefit from them.  One place I want to talk about is Harsha Behavioral Center in Terre Haute, Indiana.

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