Prayer Request –Kyrin Carter

UPDATE: Kyrin Carter has been found. Not the update any parent wants to hear. He was found in water. Please pray for the family.

Please pray that this 12-year boy, Kyrin Carter, is found safe. He wandered away from the hotel room where his family is staying. This is the last image of him. He is non-verbal. I can tell you from my experience of raising my son, Tristan, elopement is a problematic behavior to manage. Parents are always on edge. It is a constant 24/7 job. When I look at this picture, I see my son! No shoes. Tristan would elope and not think twice about wearing shoes. When Tristan would run out of the house, I would be right behind him. He would never answer to his name. I can imagine responders calling Kyrin’s name, and he might have the same response. Tristan could never say, “Mom, I am right over here.” Please pray for the entire family. I can not imagine the heartache they are dealing with. I will update you when I know anything.