Practical Tip#36 – Routines Matter!


Ever wonder if all the work you do on creating routines ever matters? I know I do.
Parenting books, articles, and videos all say kids like and need routines. When you add autism to the mix of parenting, the everyday routine’s are essential.

Image result for images of praying hands kids

We know Tristan craves routines. At other times, he seems aloof to them.
We took Tristan out to his favorite restaurant, McDonald’s. (They have done well marketing to him!)

While we waited at the table, we chatted about the weather using his iPod communication app. Then we moved on to talking about the shapes that we saw in the restaurant. Finally, we ended our conversation with the colors of the objects in the room!
A minute later our food tray arrived at our table. We passed out food and almost began to eat until Tristan looked at his Dad and folded his hands to pray!

My heart smiled. After all these years of saying grace before eating this was the FIRST time, he initiated this routine.

Routine’s matter! I encourage you to keep working on them with your son or daughter.

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