Practical Tip #7- Family Time

What activities can you do as a family? 

family time

I challenge you to make a list.  Even if it is a short list, because you will see the positives in your family life.  We have a small list!  Slowly over the last few years, we have been able to add more to it.  I will address these in future posts.  What is one activity your whole family enjoys?  I encourage you to post ideas for everyone to see!  One activity we enjoy doing is different themed cookie kits. The kind you see during holidays. These are kind of like doing a craft except we get to eat it!


2 thoughts on “Practical Tip #7- Family Time

  1. Yeah! I actually took Tristan to a birthday party at the bowling alley. His class goes once a month. I honestly had no idea how they got him to bowl. I discovered they have a ramp and the kids can just roll the ball with a slight push! So bowling will be a new family activity in the summer. Thanks for sharing.


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