Woman Drinks A Gallon of Water A Day for 4 Weeks to Change Her Face and the Picture Results Are Shocking

Great reminder on how good water is for everyone!

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Sufficient water intake is very important for any function to be normal in our bodies. Less than 1 of 5 people drinks recommended daily dose of water.

A woman named Sarah admitted that she is not drinking the recommended daily dose of water (2-3 Liters). Sarah suffered from regular headaches and sluggish indigestion. After few discussions with her doctor for both cases, she decided to accept the advice given from the doctor and to start with drinking larger amounts of water every day. She documented and photographed everything for a month. Sarah started to drink 3 liters of water every day.

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In the first week she noticed that water is improving her bowel function and her urine was much cleaner thanks to kidney’s better function. Joint stiffness was reduced and her headaches were gone. Improvements in her skin tone and…

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