Practical Tip #27 Be Humbled

Awhile back I was watching a teaching by Cindy Bultema from her Red Hot Faith Bible Study.   She shared a time in her life she had to schedule people to help her in her home.

... red hot faith lessons from a lukewarm church red hot faith daylight

Her husband was away for several weeks and she had three young children and another baby on the way–any day!  She shared how it was difficult to accept help.

I agreed with the way she explained it.  It is so nice to have help with Tristan, but it is so against the American culture!  In the American culture, I am inundated with messages of independence. We are to do everything on our own. These messages go contrary to what the Bible states.  We are to be helping each other–short term and long term.

This is where it gets more complicated with a family facing a disability of autism. This is a long-term way of life. Therefore a long term need for help.  There is not an end to this need it is on-going for life.  Therefore this life on earth requires me to accept help.  I have to take be real and acknowledge on many days I do need help. I need help just to do simple errands.  I need help to make it through Sunday mornings.  I need help so I can spend time with my other children.

I will not end this without saying there are a lot of blessings to this life.  This life has brought our family life lessons that we could not have learned in any other way.  Lessons on compassion, unconditional love, and patience to name a few!   This life has enabled us to live life with humility.  We learn each day we need others to help us in this journey.



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