Book Review – #1 Recommendation

For some, autism is a new topic. When Tristan was in therapy, and the diagnosis was not concluded, I read every book I could find at the library on this topic. There were many books. I am still determining how I found the time to read, except being at home full-time required me to keep my brain fresh by soaking in reading whenever possible. I would have reading material nearby if he was in the bathtub or sandbox.

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Bed Wetting Issues?–DIY Mattress Cover

Bed wetting can be a challenge. Some of our children will simply not outgrow this.   We have tried many things to keep  the mattress dry throughout the night.  I bought several different diapers and they all leak to some degree. I have also tried many different mattress covers, all of which our son has ripped apart.

Last year, we bought a new mattress.  The plastic covering that came on it was perfect!  Finally, something durable that Tristan was not ripping off.  Unfortunately the plastic cover only lasted so long.  The other day I had an idea.  I purchased a thick shower curtain, draped it over the mattress, and duct taped it on the under side.  Viola!  It has been highly effective.

Do you have products you recommend on this subject?  Do you have any tips to share


Practical Tip #12- Friendships

unnamed  I think many people struggle in this area of life.  When a family adds a special needs family member, the whole family has a new dynamic.   This dynamic changes for every member of the family. Every ones friendships changes.  It is not right or wrong, it is just how life is.   Let me explain.  I have limited time to invest in anything. This includes how much time I can spend with friends.

Unfortunately friendships are one of the areas that can slip through the crack of my life.  I could no longer go to friends houses for a “play-dates”.  Whereas my first son, I was able to go a lot of places.  With Tristan it was too much work.  I had to adjust in my area of life with friendships.  I began hosting visits at my house to ensure safety was not an issue.   This would also keep sensory issues down so I could actually visit.  I would intentionally plan times in my weekly schedule to phone a friend.  I would send simple short notecards to friends.

In later post I will address how friendships change for my husband, teenage son, and Tristan.

How do you cultivate and maintain friendships?